Four Extras To Improve A Funeral Program

Funeral programs are traditionally printed documents that are handed out at a funeral. They list the order of services, so people know what to expect during the memorial service. They also typically give information about the deceased person and may summarize the person's achievements. When you go beyond the basics, though, you can best help others remember your loved one and provide an even greater comfort to mourners. Try these four extras to improve a funeral program. Read More 

Four Things To Know Before Purchasing A Headstone

When a loved one has passed, it can be difficult to put together all the funeral and burial arrangements. This is why, many times, people will make last minute decisions about certain aspects of the funeral and burial service that they end up not being 100% happy with. This is especially true when it comes to purchasing the headstone, which is going to be a permanent decision. Here are four things you should know before investing in the headstone: Read More 

Staying Organized In Times Of Sorrow - Questions To Ask While Funeral Planning

The loss of a loved one can be a traumatic experience that provides you with a variety of difficult challenges. Among these is the difficulty that comes with staying organized and successfully planning the details around a funeral which may be causing you substantial pain. It's no wonder that in these circumstances, some details can feel like they're falling through the cracks. If you're concerned that you may be missing things, you should lean on your funeral home. Read More