Staying Organized In Times Of Sorrow - Questions To Ask While Funeral Planning

The loss of a loved one can be a traumatic experience that provides you with a variety of difficult challenges. Among these is the difficulty that comes with staying organized and successfully planning the details around a funeral which may be causing you substantial pain. It's no wonder that in these circumstances, some details can feel like they're falling through the cracks.

If you're concerned that you may be missing things, you should lean on your funeral home. Below, you'll find a guide to a few questions you should ask while funeral planning. Having these answers will allow you to feel confident that you've paid proper attention to detail and should put you on the path toward healing.

Ask About Flower Disposal

Flowers have long been a polite way to memorialize a recently deceased person, and they can provide great comfort to a family who may need to see that their loved one was appreciated. At the end of the services, however, it can be difficult to handle a new influx of plants that you may not have room or ability to care for.

Your funeral director will be able to explain their process for handling these items. Often times, they can donated to good causes and reused to bring good cheer to others. Your funeral home will be sure to collect the cards attached and deliver them to you for your appreciation.

Ask About Relief Areas

If you're holding a traditional funeral, the physical toll of the experience may be excruciating. Standing on your feet for long periods in order to shake hands while also managing your grief can you leave you feeling run down and exhausted, and it's natural to need a break.

Funeral homes have discreet, private areas that will allow you to recover and receive refreshments. Your funeral home may even be able to guide you to a discreet entrance or exit of such an area, allowing you to find relief without bothering visiting mourners.

Ask About Clergy Compensation

Traditionally, it's considered polite to compensate a member of the clergy for his or her time in presiding over a funeral. These amounts can be difficult to determine, and it may be awkward to ask an officiant what his or her going rate is for these occasions. Instead, speak with a funeral home like Foran Funeral Home about what they would consider to be an appropriate amount, and use that information to guide you to a resolution that you're comfortable with.