2 Reasons To Consider Cremation Services

Cremation services are becoming increasingly popular for many individuals when it comes to making their wishes known when it comes to their eventual passing, typically because of the substantially lower prices often associated with cremation versus a traditional burial. Listed below are just two of the many reasons to consider cremation services: It Can Be Substantially Less Expensive For Your Loved Ones A huge concern that many individuals have about their eventual passing is how expensive it is going to be for their loved ones to actually arrange for a funeral and your burial. Read More 

3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Have A Home Funeral For Your Loved One

If you have been working on planning a funeral for a deceased loved one, you might be a bit overwhelmed by your choices. Along with thinking about things like traditional funeral services, you might have thought about other options as well, such as having a home funeral. Even though some people do have home funerals for their loved ones and find that they are content with their decision, you might find that it's not the best choice. Read More 

Tips For Opening A Funeral Home

Have you been a mortician for a long time and want to branch into running your own funeral home? If there are several other funeral homes in your area, it is important to ensure that yours is able to compete with them. You want to create an environment in which people that are grieving will feel calm. It is also important to offer services that help your customers plan funerals in an easy manner so they can have more personal time to grieve. Read More 

Hosting A Private Funeral: Three Things To Know

When it comes to planning a funeral for a loved one, some families prefer to have a small, private service. This may be to limited space in the church or funeral home, or it may be intended to limit the mourners to only those closest to the deceased. If your family is considering a private funeral service, here are a few things to know as you make the arrangements. Sending Out Invitations Read More 

Handling Funeral And Cremation Services For Someone Of The Asatru Religion: A Few Important Tips

While this may surprise some people, the old Norse gods are having a resurgence of popularity these days — both inside and outside the United States. That means that funeral homes need to be prepared to handle some unique funerary customs for this growing segment of the population. Here's what you should know if you are in charge of organizing a funeral for someone of the Asatru faith. How common is the religion? Read More