Why So Many People Are Choosing Cremation Over Traditional Burials

Being buried has long been the most popular way to have your body dealt with after death, and not just in the western world. There is something very natural about being returned to the earth that humans seem to connect with deeply, but the more you think about this theory, it becomes clear that the best and most natural way to do this is through cremation. Here are a few reasons why cremation has been taken up by more and more Americans throughout the years and why you might prefer it too.

Clear Return To Nature

While being buried is a symbolic return to nature, caskets are made very well these days, to the point where it can take hundreds of years for you to fully return to the soil as you might intend. In fact, during this time, cemeteries can be bought and sold, and graves have been known to be removed and changed. Cremation provides an instant and very clear return to the land or sea, as you can gently and respectfully dispose of the ashes into nature. This can be an even more emotional and fulfilling ceremony than the actual funeral, and many people find it liberating too.

Better For The Environment

While you might assume that burning is actually worse for the environment, the truth is that the pollution created is very minimal in a cremation, and once it is done it is done forever. In contrast, a grave plot can take up arable land that could be used for development for hundreds of years. Also, the number of materials used in coffins is quite extreme, and the chemicals used to treat them can be quite bad for the land the coffins are placed in. If you want to have a less severe impact on the earth, then cremations are more eco-friendly. 

Still Have That Memorial Space

Just because someone you love is cremated does not mean that you will have no place to grieve them. Often people will donate money in their will to a local park they frequented and have a small plaque established, or you can always keep the actual urn in your home or at a more serene place that was important to all of you. There are far more options for how to remember someone when you choose to get cremated as opposed to burials, where you can really only be placed in an established graveyard. 

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