Find Out Why Many People Choose Cremation Over Burial These Days

Losing a loved one is a complex process, regardless of how prepared you are. The requiem mass, memorial, and funeral services are the last chances people get to mourn their family members. And since mourning a loved one is never easy, giving preferences about your final sendoff before is the best way to ease the grieving process. 

Lately, a lot of people have left behind the burial tradition in favor of cremation. Cremation involves putting the body in an incinerator at high temperatures and burning it until it becomes ashes. The process is pain-free and better for the environment. See why the popularity of a cremation service is still surging these days.

It Is Futuristic

One of the reservations that people have about cremation is the process of burning the body. However, once a loved one passes on, their essence is no longer in the body. They cannot feel any pain associated with the burning process because they are no longer alive. 

In the past, burial processes made sense because there was burial space in the cemeteries. However, with the increase in cemetery population, the pressure on the land resource is high. Cremation helps conserve the environment, and it also offers a sustainable way of taking care of the physical body once your loved one has transitioned.

People's Value Systems Are Changing

Value systems play a crucial role in determining the rites of passage and rituals that people follow, especially when planning a deceased's sendoff ceremony. Most people who choose cremation lean towards the eastern spiritual systems. Many of these systems teach that the soul is eternal and the body is temporary. 

This system offers a change of viewpoint from the traditional faith systems that opposed the practice. In fact, most people are also becoming aware of their mortality. The awareness makes it easy for them to choose a cremation service because the body is only a vessel. 

The Process Is Simpler

A lot of people are choosing cremation over burial because it is uncomplicated. The burial process involves buying land in the cemetery, and it also includes preserving the body. You have to get a casket to put the body in before burial. All these processes cost a lot of money, and they also harm the environment. It would be better to go with cremation because you will only need to pay the cremation fees, and your loved one will turn to ashes that you can store in an urn. 

The cremation process is easier and friendlier to the environment, and that's why most people choose it. It also eases the grieving process and burial proceedings. If you hadn't thought about it, you should consider it when planning a respectable sendoff for your loved one. 

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