Which Cremation Option Is Right For You?

Cremation is one of the most common methods used to say goodbye to a loved one. If you are considering cremation for a loved one, you may want to know more about the individual options available. After all, these options have a variety of different benefits to consider. Here's what you need to know about the major cremation options before you decide how to send off your loved one. Traditional Cremation Read More 

Does A Therapy Dog Belong At A Funeral?

If a stranger approached you at a loved one's funeral, ignored your personal space, and attempted to comfort you without being asked to, how would you respond? Your grief might compel you to accept comfort from whoever offers it, or you might find it to be an extremely unwelcome invasion of your privacy. But how would you feel if the stranger was in fact a dog? More and more funeral services are featuring a therapy dog to offer emotional support to mourners. Read More 

Should You Divide Your Loved One’s Ashes? 5 Important Tips

Will your deceased loved one be cremated? Undoubtedly you have many decisions to make right now, and one of these is whether or not to divide the ashes after cremation. Many surviving family members aren't sure how to approach this idea, but it can actually make things easier for everyone. Here are a few key things to know about dividing ashes. 1. Respect Their Wishes Look through the person's estate planning documents or will to see if they left instructions about the status of their ashes. Read More 

Why So Many People Are Choosing Cremation Over Traditional Burials

Being buried has long been the most popular way to have your body dealt with after death, and not just in the western world. There is something very natural about being returned to the earth that humans seem to connect with deeply, but the more you think about this theory, it becomes clear that the best and most natural way to do this is through cremation. Here are a few reasons why cremation has been taken up by more and more Americans throughout the years and why you might prefer it too. Read More 

Find Out Why Many People Choose Cremation Over Burial These Days

Losing a loved one is a complex process, regardless of how prepared you are. The requiem mass, memorial, and funeral services are the last chances people get to mourn their family members. And since mourning a loved one is never easy, giving preferences about your final sendoff before is the best way to ease the grieving process.  Lately, a lot of people have left behind the burial tradition in favor of cremation. Read More