3 Stone Options For A Grave Monument

If you are choosing or building a grave monument for your loved one, one of the questions you will be asked regards the types of materials you should use. These monuments are a great choice to remember somebody special, and they can also help evoke certain emotions based on the way they look.

There are several types of materials you can use for your grave monument. The stone you choose is going to have a lot to do with the final outcome. These are some of your choices.

Bronze Monuments

Bronze monuments are a great option for a grave. If you opt for this type of monument, you can expect the final result to be a golden brown. You will also notice that bronze changes color, often becoming darker. Your provider should help you understand how the colors are going to change over time.

Bronze is such a common option because it is a classic style. You will find many bronze statues that are not somber but rather are cheerful. For this reason, bronze is a great choice if you want to evoke a sense of happiness or joy at the gravesite.

Granite Monuments

You may choose granite if you are looking for a somber type of memorial, something you want to evoke serious emotions. While granite does come in a few different colors and looks, it tends to be darker gray.

Granite is a difficult stone to work with, so it may be more expensive than some of your other options. Additionally, granite may not have the same versatility in terms of color schemes.

Marble Monuments

Marble is popular for a reason. It harkens back to ancient times, which gives it a sort of regal feeling. In fact, many famous monuments come in marble coloring, which can also make marble a patriotic choice.

Marble is relatively easy to work with, and the stone is quite strong. You can also choose a variety of colors, including green, white, or gray. If you love marble, you might want to talk to a provider about color options to determine how you can best bring out the desired emotion at the gravesite.

Choose a Monument to Honor Your Loved One

Ultimately, the type of material you use is going to honor somebody you care about. Each stone has something different to honor and helps remember your loved one in a different way. Look into monuments for more information.