3 Ways That You Will Have To Prepare For A Cremation Funeral

It is always difficult to say goodbye to a loved one. When such an event happens, no matter how prepared you were, it leaves you in a lot of emotional turmoil. This state might make it a little hard to focus and plan a befitting sendoff for the deceased. Different people write down different wishes about their final sendoff. If your loved one chose cremation as opposed to the traditional burial, it is only fair to ensure that you follow their last wishes.

Since cremation is relatively new in the world of interring the remains of loved ones, you might not know what is expected of you in the process. Here are tricks and guidelines on preparing for a cremation funeral.

The Timing of the Service Can be a Little Different

Regular burials are quite predictable. In most cases, you have to wait for a week or at least a few days after the person has passed away to organize the requiem mass and the funeral. Certain faith systems choose interring ceremonies, where they bury the body within a few hours after someone dies. 

On the other hand, when you are dealing with cremation, you can plan the funeral service any day before or after the actual cremation. Some people prefer to have the service, and then, have their loved one cremated, and take the ashes with them. Others start with the cremation and bring the ashes to the ceremony. Discuss the cremation plan you would like to follow for your loved one with your family and the funeral home.

You Will Have More Than One Disposition Options

A regular burial funeral always ends with interment. You may decide to either bury the loved one in a grave or place their body in a vault above the ground. When your loved one is cremated, you do not have to go home with an urn full of ashes, unless you want to. Other options include urn gardens, where you can have a small memorial site to visit in the future, a columbarium, or a mausoleum. Ask the funeral service provider about the options available and pick the most appropriate one for you.

The Grieving Process May be Different

When you choose a burial, you can visit the grave at any time. When you choose cremation, your loved one can always be with you. You get to talk to them whenever you feel like, and it can help speed up healing from their death.

The most important thing is to ask a funeral services provider to help with the cremation process. They will ensure you give the best sendoff to your kin. For more information about holding a cremation funeral, reach out to a local funeral home.