Planning Your Funeral

Funeral planning can be one of the most important things that you can do for your loved ones that will survive you. Unfortunately, individuals will often give funeral planning little attention due to it being an unpleasant task to think about.

Decide Between Cremation Or Burial

A key decision that will need to be made early in the planning process is whether or not you would prefer cremation or traditional burial. Individuals will often fail to realize that a cremation can be a far more affordable option. This is due to the ability to avoid paying for a casket and burial plot. Additionally, cremation can be better for the environment due to it requiring far less land and not contaminating the ground with embalming fluids and other chemicals.

Pay For The Funeral Ahead Of Time

You might assume that the funeral will only be able to be formally arranged and paid for after the individual has passed away. However, funeral homes are able to accommodate those individuals that would like to spare their survivors from this part of the process. This is done through prepaying for the funeral ceremony. In addition to avoiding leaving your survivors to pay for this ceremony, you can also finalize the plans so that your survivors will only need to alert the funeral home of your death so that the plan can be started.

Leave Written Instructions

Due to it being an unpleasant subject, individuals will often fail to discuss their final wishes or plans with their survivors. This can lead to serious confusion as they may not know how to proceed once you have passed away. Leaving behind written instructions will make it easier for your survivors to make decisions throughout this process. In addition to making these instructions, you will also need to regularly update them so that they will always reflect your final wishes and plans.

Update Your Funeral Plans If You Move

Some individuals may live for years after they make their funeral plans. During this time, it may become necessary to move to another house. Depending on the distance of this move, you may want to move your plans to a funeral home that is closer to your new location. Fortunately, these services allow for prepaid and planned funerals to be canceled for a small fee. Additionally, they may be able to forward your current funeral plans to the new funeral home so that they can adapt it to their offerings.

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