How To Survive Putting A Loved One To Rest On Your Own

Living with the death of a loved one can be difficult. Things are often made more emotionally hard if you are dealing with the death on your own. If there are no other close family members and friends of the deceased to go through the process of losing a loved one with you may feel even more bereaved. For those who are facing the death of a loved one on their own, here are some ways to get through it for the better. 

Ask your friends to attend

If your loved one did not have family or friends, you can still lean on those that you know. If you have friends at work and socially, let them know that you lost a loved one. They can be there for you emotionally during such a trying time. Your own personal friends may also be able to attend a short service with you. If you are a member of a religious community, a leader from the religious organization may be able to accompany you to the funeral to aid in your comfort. 

Have a more casual service

Having to dress up in funeral based clothing or have a solemn service can make dealing with grief even harder, especially when you are alone. Instead of feeling the need to go out shopping for funeral wear, take something from your own closet that reminds you of your loved one. Let those who will be accompanying you and any religious personnel know that you will be having a more casual service. Do not feel that you need to keep up with the religious order of the ceremony unless necessary. Instead, you can have bright poems and say goodbye in your own way. 

Elect for a cremation

If you were one of the only family members or loved ones that a person had, it can be more important to keep them close to you. Instead of a burial, look at cremation as a possibility. After cremating your loved one, you can put them into a capsule of your choice that varies from the traditional vase to a teddy bear. Select a space that would be special to your loved one and make sure it is an item that you can keep safe and will have space for in your personal home. Being able to keep them close to you, rather than having to visit them at a cemetery can also make their death less harsh for you when it comes up on their death anniversary.