Why Cremation Might Be The Best Option When Planning A Funeral

If you have recently experienced the passing of a loved one and you have been placed in charge of making all of the funeral and burial arrangements, you might want to consider why a cremation may be a good choice. While it might not be suitable for everyone, especially anyone who has religious beliefs that forbid cremation, it can be great for others. Here are some of the reasons cremation can be the best option:

It Is Much More Affordable

Even if you want to have a standard viewing, you can still save a lot of money by opting for a cremation service instead of burial in a cemetery. After all, you do not have to purchase a burial plot or a casket. If there was already a purchased burial plot and you are struggling to pay for everything else, you could still opt for the cremation and sell the plot to someone else. As for the casket for the viewing, many funeral homes offer casket rentals that can be used for that purpose. 

You Can Keep Them With You

For some people, the thought of leaving their loved one in a cemetery somewhere just does not sit well with them. They would much rather keep them close, which makes cremation the perfect option. Once the cremation is completed, the funeral home will place the ashes in a bag, seal the bag, and usually place that bag in a box and then give it to you. From there you can transfer the ashes to a special urn that you buy. You can keep all of the ashes together or divide the ashes among several smaller urns so a few family members can each have some of the ashes. Another option is to keep some of the ashes in an urn and spread the rest of the ashes somewhere special, such as at the beach or from the top of a mountain.

To learn more about cremation and what the process is for getting it set up, you will want to call and make an appointment with the director of the funeral home you will be using. Once that is settled, you can get to work making the arrangements for the viewing. Make sure that you are letting friends and family know about the viewing days and times as soon as possible, in order to give them plenty of time to work it into their schedule.