Programs For Funeral Services: Four Things To Consider

Creating programs for a loved one's funeral offers a way to honor his or her memory while also letting mourners know what to expect throughout the funeral and graveside services. If you aren't sure what to put in the program, here are some helpful ideas:

Order Of Events

Funeral services can vary greatly, and mourners may not know what to expect as far as the length of the services or who will be speaking. Consider creating a list of the events that will occur during the funeral, along with the time expected for each one. For example, you can list the opening prayer to begin at a certain time, and then list the times you expect each speaker to follow. The list should also include the graveside services and information about where the funeral luncheon will be held.

Prayers That Will Be Read

It's a good idea to include the words for any prayers that will be read, particularly if there will be people in attendance who do not practice the same religion as your loved one. List each prayer on a single page, along with an invitation for people to read along if they feel comfortable. You can also do this for any songs or hymns that will be played during the funeral service.

A Memorial For The Dearly Departed

The funeral programs also offer a way for you to express your sentiments about your loved one. You can include a copy of the eulogy you plan to read, or you can write an open letter to your relative. If there are surviving children or grandchildren, consider letting them write a small message that can be printed in the programs as well. You may even want to invite all of your close family members to leave a note of love in the programs.

Pictures Of Your Loved One

You can turn the programs into keepsakes for your family by including photos of your loved one on each page of the program. Choose images from different points in his or her life, and select a portrait for the front of the programs. By including lots of photos, everyone at the funeral service can share their memories of the dearly departed.

Your funeral home director can help you with the layout and printing of the programs, including choosing fonts and paper for them to be printed on. Provide all of the information you want to be included in the programs, and be sure to provide digital copies of any photos you want to be printed.

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