Three Benefits Of Choosing Cremation

Whether you are pre-arranging your own services or planning them for a loved one, you may be wondering about cremation. This option provides many benefits, so take some time to learn about them before you make a final decision. Your funeral home director can also help you to understand the process for how cremation is performed.

Cost Savings

Choosing cremation can be a cost-effective option for people on a budget. With cremation, you don't have to purchase a casket, headstone, or cemetery plot unless you wish to, and you may find that your funeral home offers cremation packages that are more affordable than traditional funeral packages. If cost is a concern, talk to your funeral home director about the different options available to you so you can find the cremation arrangement that best fits your budget. The average cost of direct cremation is typically between $1,000 and $2,500, while a full funeral package can cost more than $15,000 (depending on which options you choose).

Disposition Flexibility

For families that are spread out across the country, visiting a grave site can be difficult. With cremation, you can arrange to have the cremains placed in multiple urns so all of the close family members can have one. You can also choose to scatter the ashes in a way that celebrates the way your loved one lived, which can be a more touching alternative to traditional cemetery burials. Of course, if you prefer, you can have the cremains interred in a mausoleum, cemetery plot, or columbarium to provide your family a place to pay their respects.

Environmental Responsibility

Unlike traditional burials, cremation offers a more environmentally-friendly way to say goodbye to a loved one. Caskets aren't typically biodegradable, and disturbing the earth to make room for a casket can use up precious resources. Even if you do choose burial for the cremains, you can make this more eco-friendly by choosing a biodegradable urn, which will become one with the earth over time. You can even bury the urn in your backyard by hand to eliminate the need for the cemetery crew to use heavy machinery. If you do choose to bury the ashes, check with your local government to ensure this is allowed where you live.

Talk to the staff at a business like Final Care Cremation Services about the different options available that go along with cremation, and choose the option that's right for your family and your budget.