Disproving Several Cremation Misconceptions

Handling the death of a loved one is something that you may not want to do, but this is an issue that many people will find themselves needing to do. Evaluating the various burial options can be extremely confusing and emotionally overwhelming for individuals, and this can lead to believing certain misconceptions. In particular, people will often believe these notions when it concerns cremation.

The Hospital Will Transport The Body To The Funeral Home Or Crematorium

It is often assumed that the hospital where the person died will handle transporting the body to the funeral home or crematorium. However, this is simply not the case as hospitals lack the workforce and vehicles to meet this need. Rather, you can expect the funeral home to arrange for the transportation of the body. Often, these services will have their own hearse that can be sent to collect your loved one's remains.

Cremated Remains Must Be Stored In Mausoleums

A key advantage of cremation is that it can allow individuals to avoid the need to pay for an expensive burial lot. However, you may assume that the remains will have to be stored in a mausoleum. While this is an option that you can choose, you can also dispose of these ashes through scattering them or you may keep the ashes in an urn on your own property. By understanding the full range of available options, you can better appreciate cremation services offered by funeral homes like Romero Family Funeral Home Corp.

You Will Always Have To Buy A Casket For The Cremation

Before the cremation process, you might assume that a casket will have to be purchase to hold the body during this process. However, it can be very damaging for a solid wood casket to be burned in cremation ovens. Rather, these services will place the body in a container that will easily burn away in the oven. If you are wanting to have a viewing for the body, you can avoid the need to purchase a casket by using a rental service to deliver the desired casket to the funeral home.

Before you can decide on the appropriate funeral option for your loved one, you will need to know the full range of options that are available to you to choose. When considering cremation, you should understand that you are not required to keep the remains in a mausoleum, the funeral home will arrange transport of the body, and you have the option of using rental caskets for the viewing.