Steps To Hosting A Green Funeral

If you're planning a funeral for an environmentally conscious loved one, taking these steps to throw a green funeral can be a great way to carry out their wishes. 

Using Sustainable Decorations

You can also cut down on the amount of resources you use by limiting the decorations that you use. Many funeral homes will suggest fresh flowers to decorate the funeral home. But you can reduce these and instead incorporate items that you already have, such as displays of items that were meaningful to your loved one. Audiovisual displays are another great option; you could have video or photo collages and ask for suggestions from friends and family on what to include. Not only does this cut down the amount of stuff you have to buy and throw away at the end of the day, but it also creates a more personalized experience. 

Choose a Green Burial Method

A big portion of your eco efforts can come from the burial method you choose. Natural burial is a great option where you skip embalming and bury the loved one in a biodegradable casket. Cremation is still an option, especially if you opt for a green cremation using chemicals to dissolve the remains while using few resources. With cremation, you also have the potential to choose a eco-friendly urn; look into your options for specialized urns that use ashes to nurture a seedling, for example. 

Get a Carpool Group Together

If you are able to plan a carpool group ahead of time, this can make life much easier for you during the ceremony. Keeping the entire carpool together can be a huge challenge, so consolidating people into fewer cars helps to save gasoline and time. 

Arrange a Sustainable Meal

The reception meal is one area where a lot of potential waste can come in. Avoid buying paper cups and plates for everyone; get some volunteers to bring in their utensils from home for everyone to use. Also, be careful about which companies you use to cater; if they have to bring in a large bulk of food from other regions, then there's a lot of fuel waste that can go into planning a meal for a large group. 

Asking for Donations

Finally, you can ask for donations to an eco-friendly charity that was meaningful to your loved one. Many people would love to do something in honor of your loved one, and this gives them a good outlet to direct their intentions. Consider it as one final good deed that your loved one gets to do for the environment. 

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