3 Ways To Make Memories For Your Children Via Cremation

When you die, the memories you leave behind can help your children grieve. Many people worry that choosing to be cremated leaves their loved ones without a place to pay respect like a traditional burial does. Choosing cremation services gives you different opportunities to create lasting memories for your children that can help them remember you in a very unique way. Here are 3 ideas that can make your own cremation a positive experience for your children.

Make a charm

You can have your cremated remains blended into a loving charm that each of your children can carry with them always. Your ashes can be discreetly placed in the center of a heart or other design that cannot be easily identified to the naked eye. Many people choose to have their cremated remains placed inside jewelry, including:

  • watches
  • lockets
  • key chains
  • rings

Your local funeral home likely has contacts to jewelers and artists who can arrange this service for you. You can also allow your children to pick out their own special piece of jewelry they can carry a part of you in for the rest of their lives. This sweet token of love can help your children keep your memory with them anywhere they go.

Make a list of where you want to be

Think of all the adventures and destinations you haven't gotten to in life, and jot them down. Ask your children if after you die, they will travel together to place your ashes in each of the locations you have requested. Some locations do not allow cremated ashes on the property, but your children can still take the urn to the places you have always wanted to go. They can create memories in honoring your wishes together as a family, which is a great gift you can leave behind.

Get a headstone

Whether you choose to have your urn buried in a traditional manner, or you just wish to pay for a burial plot so your family can have a location to remember you by, getting a headstone can bring a sense of normalcy to your decision to be cremated. Your children can appreciate having a headstone to visit on special holidays and other occasions to pay their respects to a person they loved so much.

Choosing to be cremated through a company like Affordable Burial & Cremation allows for you to have more unique ways to give your children a way to remember you by. Whether you get a headstone, send your children on a quest with your ashes, or have your ashes placed into a keepsake piece of jewelry, your children can be comforted by these tokens of love as they grieve.